The world’s first “crowd-brewed” beer?

Happy New Year to one and all, we hope you had a safe and happy Christmas.  There are some exciting things happening in the brewery at present, this week we are installing new tanks.  As you might remember we undertook a little process called Crowdfunding in winter last and as soon as we got out mitts on the new funds we put in an order for 4 new fermenters to enable us to brew more of our beers for overseas customers.silos

These tanks arrived on-site today and we thought what better way to christen one of these tanks than have those whom helped pay for it, brew with us into it.

Unfortunately getting 300 people into the brewery would be impractical, but there is a new fangled invention that enables us to provide a “virtual experience” and it’s called “the internet”.

So in late December a nice man from Chorus arrived and installed fast broadband and this means we can stream the brew day for all our shareholders to see and then allow them to answer the big questions like – “what should we have for lunch?”, “should I wear a kilt?” and “what would a love child of a panda and a horse look like?”. You know, the usual musings of brewers that skirt the boundaries between genius and insanity.

Having scoured the “internet” with vast diligence for at least 15 minutes, we think that this might be the first crowd-brewed beer in the world……..ever!  The guys from Snowball Effect will also be onsite to help out and lift some grain and if you are a shareholder in the vicinity of Blenheim, pop on down on Tuesday the 13th to see the brew in action.

The stream will also be available for everyone to view, but it will only be our new shareholders who get to make the choice between steak and cheese and bacon and egg.  We hope to make it a great interactive experience, and if that fails, a hilarious farce that will be shown on youtube for years to come!   Keep an eye on our facebook and twitter feeds for places you can view the brew day.